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Guy Billout
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waking up hobi: nate style


this pleases me. thank u

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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers
  1. I’m good at reading maps and finding ways.
  2. I love exploring.
  3. I can eat any kinds of food.
  4. I can draw
  5. i do something anyways until it ends.

Thanks for sending this message Julia ^^*

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1.what’s your name? 

2. when’s your birthday?

3. where are you from?

4. have a crush?
I don’t love nobody

5. what’s your favorite color?
I don’t have any specifically favorite color srsly

6. write something in all caps?

7. got a favorite band/artist?
Fatima, Fatima al qadiri, FKA Twigs are my ultimate magic girls. SHINEE is my religion.

And I’m crazy about BTS right now it’s been only a couple of weeks.

8. favorite number?
I usually say its 1 or 3 but numbers are all the same to me

9. favorite drink?
water and cocktails

10. tag ten people - utior dulcim allandme dykebunny unasareru jjong-n-cheese throwthatbussy kyungsoop r-eplay death-the-rabbitkiddd

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The get to know me meme


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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

  • Name: Areum
  • Nickname: My old friends call me sth sounds like ‘army’ bc of my name. or they call me Min Pretending-to-cute
  • Birthday: 31 MARCH
  • Gender: girl
  • Sexuality: complicated
  • Height: 161 cm or sometimes shorter
  • Time zone: what is this KST GMT+9 ???
  • What time and date is it there: Aug 30 1:49pm
  • Average hours of sleep I get each night: I don’t sleep at night but take 8 hours sleep since the sun rises
  • OTPs: too many.. every two men who graze their hands?
  • The last thing I Googled was: 팔구월 풍월
  • First word that comes to mind: nah
  • What I last said to a family member: “uh~(okay~)”
  • One place that makes me happy and why: in cafe with friends, best time for me to take a rest
  • How many blankets I sleep under: 1
  • Favourite beverage: water and cocktails?
  • The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Attila Marcel
  • Three things I can’t live without: mother, friends, twitter
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: im a dumb don’t have any useful advice sorry ….
  • You have to listen to this song: Mad clown - gum + worm feat. fana and Oh Ji-eun. Basically bc of Oh ji-eun
  • My blog(s): this one, kpop blog, drawing blog that i didn’t upload any

i’ll tag…these people: allandme, jjong-n-cheese, utior, dulcim, dykebunny, throwthatbussy r-eplay kyungsoop heh

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i made my fb status “boys r gross” and my mom saw and told me to change it to say “except my brother” bc itll hurt his feelings

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